Join the Seataoo Movement: Contest & Community for Overseas Sellers


            The Seataoo Community has launched the Showcase Seataoo Tiktok Content Creation Contest and opened a Facebook group dedicated to all overseas Seataoo sellers worldwide.




           As part of the Seataoo Community's expansion, the team has launched community groups on various platforms to connect the community and strengthen its reach. In early 2024, Seataoo communities expanded to Reddit and Telegram, and now there's a group specifically for overseas Seataoo sellers.





           This group is tailored specifically for Overseas Filipino Workers, where they can connect with other Seataoo sellers from around the world. Seataoo aims to empower Seataoo OFW Sellers and foster deeper engagements within the community. Regardless of their location or background, all overseas Filipino workers interested in Seataoo are welcome to join.



           In addition to creating this new group, Seataoo has also launched the Showcase Seataoo Tiktok Content Creation Contest to ignite the creativity of the community as they share their experiences with Seataoo.




           The winner of this contest will receive 5,000 cash along with official Seataoo merchandise. For those interested in participating, here are the guidelines:


           1.Follow @Seataoophofficial on TikTok.
           2.Feature Seataoo prominently in your videos.
           3.Content must comply with TikTok's guidelines and be public.
           4.One entry per participant.
           5.Let your imagination run wild! Show Seataoo products in unique ways, create unboxing videos, or demonstrate your Seataoo journey through vlogging or story.
           6.Tag @seataoophofficial and use #showcaseseataoo.
            7.Submit your video link to our Seataoo Community Forum FB page with a screenshot of following our TikTok account.


            Entries will be judged based on creativity, originality, relevance to the theme, production quality, and engagement.


            Behind all these initiatives is a goal aimed at creating a strong, healthy community among Seataoo supporters.