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1.Liaise with various industry related organizations (including private company groups and political groups) and maintain good cooperative relationships with these groups.

2.Investigate and track social current events and social media platform content related to customers; Understand the situation of groups that have interests with customers, the actions of competitors, and social trends; Identify the content that has an impact on customers and provide countermeasures.

3.Find suitable partner media and KOLs and KOCs for customers, maintain good relationships with partner media and KOLs and KOCs to implement promotional activities for customers.

4.1-2 years of relevant work experience.

5.Team player.

6.Willing to learn and be trained.








New Media

Operation Specialist


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1.Responsible for operating multiple social media accounts under the company (including Facebook, TIKTOK, etc.), writing manuscripts, shooting&editing videos, producing posters, assisting in organizing events, KOC&KOL cooperation, etc., and comprehensively building the company's brand image.

2.At least one year of experience in new media related work.

3.Strong communication and team coordination skills.

4.Have certain photography skills, be able to edit images, create small videos, etc.

5.Familiar with graphic design and PS poster production.

6.Full of curiosity, humor, active thinking, and senior comedians are preferred.

7.Team player.

8.Willing to learn and be trained.









live broadcast anchor


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1.College Graduate

2.Interact and chat with fans, activate the atmosphere, guide fans to follow the live broadcast room, and increase the number of online users;Constantly feedback and adjust, optimize live streaming content, improve user participation, and enhance fan stickiness;Understand the live streaming delivery process, be familiar with the live streaming delivery script and platform taboo vocabulary;Experience in live streaming is preferred;Love the new media live streaming industry.

3.Experience in live streaming is preferred, and part-time work is acceptable.

4.Team player.

5.Willing to learn and be trained.

6.Can be part-time.






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