Sanya Lopez Joins Seataoo Family as the New Endorser


            Sanya Lopez, a celebrity and well-known actress in the Philippines, has joined the Seataoo family as an endorser in February 2024.




           She is renowned for her captivating performances on one of the Philippines' major television networks, starring in popular teleseryes such as "Encantadia", "First Yaya", and "First Lady". Additionally, she showcases her talent in dancing on-stage in variety shows like "All-Out Sundays".



           Seataoo recognizes Sanya Lopez as an ideal endorser of its platform, given her involvement in physical activities such as Muai Thai training and her active lifestyle as a performer, which involves rigorous physical training for her acting roles.



           Sanya’s endorser announcement on Seataoo's official Facebook page has garnered a lot of positive comments and reactions, both from the Seataoo family and her avid fans.




            Sanya will be prominently featured across Seataoo's online platforms and outdoor advertisements as part of her endorsement projects with the e-commerce company.


            Seataoo's endorsement with Sanya will shed more light on the company and its aim to help Filipinos recognize Seataoo and its model of dropshipping that made business easier and hassle-free in earning income.


            Not only that, this partnership will also showcase the Seataoo application available on Google Playstore and Apple Appstore, being a platform where people can purchase from a variety of sportswear, sports products, gym equipment, and a lot more, that can support and encourage people to engage in a healthy lifestyle.