Creating Smiles: Seataoo Extends Love through Charity


            Seataoo demonstrated their heartfelt commitment to spreading love and compassion by organizing gift-giving events for both children and the elderly, hosted at Concordia Children’s Service, Inc. and God’s Grace Homecare Center.




           On a lovely Sunday afternoon on February 11, 2024, the Seataoo team embarked on a meaningful journey to Concordia Children’s Service, Inc. located in Sta. Mesa. Laden with presents, toys, and delectable food items, they aimed to brighten the lives of the children residing in the orphanage.




            At the heart of the event, Seataoo's live hosts, Rey and Lara, took charge, initiating a series of engaging activities and games tailored to the children's enjoyment. From lively dances to prize distributions and interactive quizzes and riddles, every moment was designed to stimulate their young minds and foster a sense of joy and belonging.


            As the Valentine's Day spirit loomed near, the Seataoo team seized the opportunity to extend their generosity to the elderly residents of God’s Grace Homecare Center. With the dawn of a peaceful morning, they graciously distributed essential supplies and comforting food items to the seniors.





            The atmosphere at the nursing home was transformed as laughter and music filled the air, with the Lolos and Lolas enthusiastically participating in singing and dancing. The expressions of sheer happiness and gratitude on the faces of the elderly were unmistakable as they received warm blankets and thoughtful gifts from the Seataoo team, creating cherished memories that would linger long after the day had passed.