Maximizing Potential: Seataoo's Expanded Partnership Program Unveiled


            On January 8, 2024, Seataoo expanded access to its Partnership Program for active sellers on a broader scale, guided by specific qualifications.




           Seataoo initially launched the Partnership Program in April 2023, exclusively available to sellers meeting specific eligibility criteria. The first partners were selected based on their store and affiliate performance, with invitations extended solely by the Partnership Program team.



           Now, the Partnership Program is open to all, provided they meet certain requirements. To qualify, sellers must have been tenured and active for at least 3 months, with a minimum of 10 active affiliates linked to their accounts.



            Participating sellers in the Partnership Program are required to maintain a specific number of affiliates. Their performance will be rewarded with a subsidy based on the achieved threshold, and the affiliate commission will increase upon reaching the required threshold. Seataoo Partners also receive a customizable referral code that they can name according to their preference.



            Interested sellers can join the Partnership Program by sending an email to, including their name, email, store name, contact number, joining date, and the number of affiliates. They can also direct to this Facebook post for the guidelines:






            The Partnership Program represents an opportunity that Seataoo aims to provide sellers, allowing them to maximize its benefits with their unique capabilities.




            With SEATAOO's Partnership Program, sellers will achieve great heights with their stores while gaining benefits. This partnership strengthens SEATAOO as a whole and empowers sellers to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams with even greater confidence and support. Join now, as we unlock a world of opportunities.