Remembering Seataoo’s 2023 Milestones


Seataoo started afresh as 2023 unfolded throughout the year. With the aim of providing significant business opportunities to Filipinos, the company grew stronger and wider with support from the community.



            When 2023 began, one of Seataoo’s goals was to open the minds of the public to stabilize and maximize its new concept of dropshipping. It adapted to the emerging opportunities of dropshipping, utilizing technology and connections within its business model.


            By setting an example of how Seataoo works, together with the advantages it offers, Filipinos gradually accepted and patronized the services Seataoo provides.


            This year, Seataoo gained 300,000 registered sellers on the platform. Its sales also increased as Seataoo improved its strategies for marketing products and enhancing the platform for both buyers and sellers.


            The Seataoo platform, on both the website and the mobile application, improved its usability and design for better transactions, responsiveness, and added new features that made the platform more suitable and convenient for users.

            In addition to the improvements Seataoo has accomplished, the ecommerce company also initiated events this year as part of its milestones. In March this year, Seataoo sponsored Youth Wom­en's Vol­ley­ball Pub­lic Wel­fare Com­pe­ti­tion, and also held an Outreach Charity event with the heads of JCI at Balintawak, Quezon City. In May, a seller meet-up happened at SMX SM AURA in Taguig City and attracted over 150 attendees, enlightening them of the objectives of Seataoo. On August 21, Seataoo, together with the Local Government Unit of Quezon City, initiated Cara-Fun at Kyusi, where the company gave away food packs to the community and shared the Seataoo platform as a way of encouraging them to take the opportunities of dropshipping to their community.





           Many sellers participated in the contest, posting their entries on their timelines with the hashtags #SeataooPH and #SeataooPhotoArticleContest. They showcased their talents and creativity in creating costumes and applying makeup to achieve a scary look.


            The winners were announced on November 3, 2023, in the Seataoo Official Group, along with the names of the winners and the prizes they received, such as Seataoo Dri-fit shirts, umbrellas, bags, cash prizes, and gadgets for the grand prize winners.





           Seataoo has been dedicated to building its credibility and connections with the community, creating the Seataoo Official Group on Facebook established in October 2023. It is a group page on Facebook where sellers and non-sellers can join to learn about Seataoo and share their experiences.


           Seataoo’s marketing also boomed as they continuously strengthened their online advertisements on different online platforms. Seataoo also started outdoor marketing in September through lamppost banners that started along Panganiban Drive, Naga City, followed by outdoor ads in different parts of Bicol.


           Programs also sparked this year, such as the Creative Spark Program and the Partnership Program. Seataoo's Partnership Program is offered exclusively to invited sellers who meet the qualifications as set by the program. It opens an opportunity for sellers to gain financial benefits. Not only that, it also fosters a sense of community among sellers, empowering them to achieve greater heights in their endeavors.

           The Creative Spark Program operates on a tiered-reward system, with each level having a specific requirement tied to reaching a certain number of views. This program seeks to ignite creativity among participants, encompassing Seataoo sellers, buyers, partners, supporters, employees, and anyone who has recently discovered Seataoo.




           Other than project initiatives and programs, Seataoo also garnered awards at the Q ASIA’s Excellence Awards 2023 at the Diamond Hotel in Manila by the end of October 2023. Seataoo received the awards “Most Trusted Lifestyle Products Dropshipping Platform” and “Most Outstanding Marketing Head for Cross-border Dropshipping Platform” awarded to Ms. Noeme Lynn Crisol.


           The year 2023 will come to an end soon, but Seataoo will continue to flourish with its services and accomplishments as Seataoo welcomes 2024. As what Seataoo has always aimed for, Seataoo will open more doors of ecommerce opportunities for the people.