Seataoo's Creative Spark Program Ignites a Wave of Inspiration


On November 20, 2023, Seataoo launched a program aimed at encouraging both sellers and non-sellers to create content rewarded with incentives—the Creative Spark Program.



           The Creative Spark Program operates on a tiered-reward system, with each level having a specific requirement tied to reaching a certain number of views. Rewards are distributed based on the achieved reach.


            This program seeks to ignite creativity among participants, encompassing Seataoo sellers, buyers, partners, supporters, employees, and anyone who has recently discovered Seataoo. All are welcome to join, provided they meet the outlined requirements available at


            There is no registration needed, as long as participants meet the guidelines, then they are free to join the program. All the participants have to do other than following the rules is also to post a video content with their own Seataoo stories, attached the hashtags #SeataooPH #SeataooCreativeSpark.





           MThose interested in participating can share their experiences as sellers—showcasing their accomplishments with Seataoo earnings. Buyers are encouraged to display their good finds purchases from Seataoo, while others can share their knowledge or first-time experiences with the e-commerce platform.


            Even before the official launch, numerous individuals have already submitted their entries. They shed light by sharing inspiring stories about their experiences with Seataoo, recounting their journey from the beginning and highlighting how the platform continues to positively impact their financial and personal lives.



           Seataoo’s Creative Spark Program is open for submissions until December 20, 2023, and the deadline for winners to claim their prizes extends until December 30, 2023. Supporters can submit their entries until the deadline, sharing their heartwarming stories and experiences.