You just need to move forward bravely! Seataoo is your backup!






          On March 26th, the Youth Women's Volleyball Public Welfare Competition sponsored by Seataoo was held as scheduled at Paranaque College. As the sponsor of this competition, Seataoo has specially sent teams to assist in filming and recording the competition, and provided warm lunches for each team member。



        This volleyball public welfare competition is specially held for young women's volleyball players under the age of 21. They showcase their prowess on the field, with smooth and vigorous strokes and stable and agile jumps, becoming a beautiful scenery on the volleyball field.



        On the volleyball court, they are sunny, confident, and full of vitality, and they vividly demonstrate the spirit of perseverance and teamwork in the women's volleyball team. Under the age of 21, they never lose to any boy.




          Among the many ways to enter university, becoming a volleyball player and entering the university campus as a sports student may be the most unforgettable way for them. Since its inception, Seataoo has practiced a sense of service and dedication, bravely shouldering corporate social responsibility, paying attention to vulnerable groups, and supporting the college dream of young women's volleyball teams.